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Goddess Rising Membership

The "Goddess Rising" program was created for the Siren who is ready to find her inner goddess and let her shine through.  

This membership includes a full year of self love. 

You'll experience growth and empowerment through boudoir, build lasting friendships, and create a legacy in print to look back on in years to come.  

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What's included in your membership?

* Ticket to our 2022 Fall Siren Weekend Getaway - $999 value

* 2 Siren Boudoir Sessions including hair and makeup - $800 value

* 50% off product and Collection purchases - up to $6500 value

* Siren Swag and Promotional Items - $300 value

* 5 Web Sized Images from each session to use on social media - $1500 value

* 1  All Inclusive Family Portrait Session - $1100 value

Total Potential Value of over $12,000

THE PROGRAM FEES: Annual Membership is $250 to join and $250 per month for 11 months.  Monthly payments will be due on the 1st of each month. 

Pay in full and save $500

RULES: Schedule your first shoot as early as 2 months after joining our program. Your 2nd shoot can be scheduled after 6 months in the program. Max of 2 shoots per year on the program. You may choose in studio sessions or beach boudoir sessions including Siren Mermaid sessions.

If you cancel your membership before your yearly payments are made, you will receive an invoice for any balances not paid due in full immediately. Sessions cannot be gifted to someone else. Refunds will not be given for unused shoots. You are responsible for scheduling your sessions, we will not chase you down to remind you to book.

Membership is $250 to join and only $250 per month. 11 monthly payments will be scheduled at the beginning of the membership. Total payments equal $3000.  Pay in full and save $500.  You can update your payment information anytime. Late or missed payments are subject to $10 late fee each. PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and only lose their value if client no-shows or cancels without a reschedule.


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