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Boudoir Prep Guide

Tips to help you prepare for your Siren Boudoir Session.

I've put together some tips for your session to help you be and feel prepared leading up to your special day.


- wear loose clothing (no bra) the day of your session to avoid impressions being left on your skin, also choose clothing that will be easy to remove once your hair & makeup is done

- remove your watch the evening before your session if you don't want it included in your session, they leave imprints on your wrist that are hard to remove in photoshop

- wash your hair the day before your session and arrive fresh faced ready for hair & makeup

- moisturize and exfoliate well leading up to your session, especially your face, lips, elbows, knees and heels/feet, but avoid chemical peels or anything that you haven't done before

- I have a client wardrobe stocked with bodysuits, robes, etc. I recommend bringing one well fitted bra and thong set if you have it and any other lingerie pieces you might like to wear. Also bring a nude colored thong to wear under client closet items.

All worn garments are washed and sanitized after use.

- treat yourself to a mani/pedi a few days before your session for stunning close ups (this can be done by a professional or at home)

- drink plenty of water leading up to your session for beautiful, hydrated dewy skin.

- remember to eat the morning of your session, even something small will help you feel sustained and energized throughout your session


- the sun, avoid situations where you may get sunburnt leading up to your session

- tattoos, please ensure any tattoo appointments are planned with enough time to completely heal prior to your session. It's always best to consult with your artist to ensure you're going to be well prepared

- piercings, just like tattoos please ensure you're scheduling piercings with enough time to be healed for your session

- spray tans. If you decide you need to tan, please do it at least one week before your session to give it time to blend properly. We also don't want to discolor our white sheets.

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