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Luxury Made Affordable

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Client investments at Siren Boudoir average $1500-$2000 with most clients opting for our gorgeous custom albums.

You may be thinking “No way, that’s way out of my budget, I just cannot afford that.”


Payment plans, ladies. Almost all of the women who come to my studio utilize the multiple payment plans and financing options I offer.

Here’s the three payment options you can utilize when when booking your session (so there are no surprises when it comes time to make payments).

Prepayment Plan (most popular):

Choose a package you’d like to purchase. You’ll receive an invoice and you’ll be able to pay in full using a debit or credit card OR break up your payments equally in the leading months before your session.

Bonus: You will receive all your products right after your session because you’ll have paid in full by your ordering session!

Pay in full.

Pay in full on the day of your reveal using any major credit and debit cards, cash, as well as financing through Affirm, Klarna or Paypal Credit.

Pay in full within 48 hours of booking your session and 50% of your session fee will be used as credit toward your purchase.

Bonus: you’ll receive any digitals included in your package before you leave your reveal session and your physical products will be delivered within 2-4 weeks!

There you have it! Two easy ways to do your session without worry about finances and budgeting. If you have any other questions about financing, just ask! Amanda is here for anything you need to know about your session.

Boudoir is an investment in yourself.

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